Friday, 5 July 2013

BLD Bail Bonds

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Many people have never been in a position to need a bail bonds company, so may not be fully aware of what they do, what services they provide, and how beneficial they can be. Thousands of Americans have used a professional bail bonds Baldwin Park company, and have found them extremely beneficial.

Bail in the state of California is the highest anywhere in the nation. Due to this, most people do not have the funds, or the collateral to cover bail to have a defendant released. This leaves them with 2 options. Either they can remain in custody until their court appearance, or seek out a bail bonds company for assistance.

BLD Bail Bonds is a highly professional bail bonds company that assists residents in the Southern California community. By providing first class bail bonds services, and putting the needs of their clients first, this company has developed a reputation of being the #1 bail bonds company in Southern California.

When calling BLD Bail Bonds, it must be noted that they will require a fee for their services, as with any business. This fee is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the court case, and situation. The fee for any bail bonds company, or agent is always 10% of the amount of bail, and this is mandated by the California Department of Insurance. Any company offering less, is operating illegally.

What you are applying for is, a bail bond to have the defendant released. A bail bond is a legally binding contract between the bail bonds company, and the defendant, as well as any co-signer seeking assistance on behalf of the defendant. The co-signer will also then become responsible in ensuring that the defendant meets all conditions associated with their bail, bail bond, and attends every scheduled court date.

Once the fee has been organized, and the necessary paperwork filled out, the bail bonds company will then post bail for the defendant and have them released. The defendant will then be free to go home and look after their family, continue with their employment, and prepare their defense. If an attorney is required, BLD Bail Bonds can also refer the defendant to any one of a number of prominent attorneys.

If you, or a loved one is in the position of requiring a bail bonds company, call BLD Bail Bonds on (626) 722-5817. They can be reached at any hour of the day or night due to the fact they avail themselves over a 24/7 basis so clients can get the assistance they so desperately need.

BLD Bail Bonds
14315 Ramona Boulevard
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
Phone: (626) 722-5817
Contact Person: Frank

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